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Capital Markets

A better hedge for Delta One

Nearwater Capital Markets, Limited is a security-based swap dealer established for the sole purpose of being a reliable security based swap counterparty to other dealers.

A superior hedging counterparty for dealers:

  • Enhanced hedging efficiencies over cash hedges

  • An SEC registered and regulated trading counterparty

  • Capitalized and held to daily minimum regulatory capital requirements

  • A "corporate" balance sheet that is consolidated by Nearwater Capital

  • Governance and compliance 

Nearwater Capital Markets is comprised of seasoned industry professionals who are focused on meeting the special needs of its clients.

Nearwater Capital Markets, Limited is a company established in Ireland, owned and consolidated by Nearwater Capital.  Nearwater Capital Markets, Limited delivers to its counterparties the confidence that only transacting with a regulated company that is owned, capitalized by its owners can deliver. 

 Nearwater Capital | Liquid Market Experts in New York, NY

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